Meet Our Favorite Small Businesses


There is no denying that beauty business and in-demand for beauty products have arisen in the past few decades, and people are more aware and conscious about the type of beauty product they use. Moreover, beauty products have now become more accessible, and they are in reach of almost everyone. Big, luxurious brands have made more refined products with better quality and better shelf life of the products. However, beauty products have become more accessible not because of the big brands but because of the small businesses. These beauty businesses have made these products reach every person so they can also look beautiful. Moreover, if you are still looking for business ideas, you can take inspiration from these small beauty businesses and get yours started. Here is a list of some of our favorite small beauty businesses that have been providing clients with quality products.

CAP Beauty

This is an online business that is shipping all of its natural beauty products all around. You can treat yourself with luxurious bath soaps, mustard baths soak, and clay-infused face mask. Now you can simply order your favorite soap or a bath bomb and relax in your bathtub after a long hard day after work. If you are also thinking about starting an online business, you can take a hint from this one.

Ace Beaute

Do you also like to have fun with your make up? Do you get bore and take out your beauty palette so you can enjoy your free time? If the answer is yes, then Ace Beaute is for you. They started in 2015 with the mission of letting everyone have fun with their makeup. They aim to let everyone enjoy the art of makeup without a restriction of age, gender, race, religion, or financial abilities. The business which started with fake lashes has now expanded to many cosmetics and shadow palettes.

Each & Every

Who wouldn’t love a refreshing deodorant? Everyone would like to smell like summer in the bowl without having to have rashes due to synthetic dyes or alcohol in the deodorant. Each & everyone is a women-founded brand to provide freshness and aroma to your olfactory sense. They make fragrance and deodorants which do not have any alcohol, aluminum, or synthetic dyes. They are also a business that encourages other companies to donate the excess material to charity, so even the underprivileged can take advantage of these products. Isn’t it super cool? We think so too.

Alder New York

Being vegan was the goal for many, and we believe, almost everyone has tried us at least once. Alder New York is a brand that makes highly effective products that are simple, sleek, and easy on your skin, just like their Everyday face moisturizer with vitamin C in it. They have made themselves in a very short time, and they are one of our favorite small brands in beauty businesses.