Launching your idea from
conception into cosmetic space.

Welcome to the

Cosmetic Launchpad

Welcome to The Cosmetic Launchpad! The cosmetics industry is currently saturated with brands and manufacturers across the globe. It’s no secret that this industry is valued at over $89 billion dollars. Carrissa Dowdy built The Cosmetic Launchpad to bring trust, preciseness and qualities of nature to the formulation of cosmetics, alongside an unstoppable brand. Are you ready to build your beauty brand? Prepare for takeoff and contact us today to get started.

master chemist extraordinaire  |  formulation specialist  |  educator  |  mompreneur

master chemist extraordinaire  |  formulation specialist  |  educator  |  mompreneur

How I Can Help You…

My ultimate goal is to consult with you and identify where your product fits within the cosmetic market. I will guide you from conception, branding and into sales.

Research & Development

The Cosmetic Launchpad takes time to learn about your product versus the market…

Brand Consulting

Carrissa is an expert with over 15 years of experience in taking cosmetics to market…


Producing the perfect product is key prior to it making it to market – leave it up to  me…

My happy place is behind a stand mixer and a hot plate.
It’s the genesis of most all things revolutionary.

Let’s Get Real

My Take on Cosmetics

Want to hear my raw truths about the cosmetics industry? Maybe even what products I am currently using (or not)? Follow along by keeping up with my blog as I share my personal experiences and how cosmetics impact my life day to day. This is a good place to get to learn more about me and what’s happening in my world!

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